Best Of 2011

Best Cheese Counter: The Wine Merchant Ltd.

Shopping for cheese at the Wine Merchant presents a challenge: not walking out of the place with two or three or four more cheeses than you intended to buy when you walked in. Challenge...or opportunity. The folks behind the counter aren't merely willing to let you taste something different; they're dying for you to do so, whether you're considering a mild and nutty cave-aged Gruyère, a pungently ripe Camembert or any of the unique American farmstead varieties that fill the cheese case. Bear in mind that the Wine Merchant isn't called the Wine Merchant for its cheese spread, carefully curated collection though it may be. No, they've got wine here, all right, from the value-priced to the credit limit-busting collectible, and even we know that nothing pairs better with cheese than wine. (Except maybe beer, which they've also got by the truckload.)

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