Best Of 2011

Best Coffee: Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Company

Wanna know what makes Kaldi's coffee so delicious? Go to the source. Actually you don't have to go to the source, because Kaldi's already has. The local coffeehouse chain offers two "Relationship" coffees: Over the past few years, Kaldi's buyers have forged relationships with farmers in Ethiopia (the Koke cooperative) and Costa Rica (Helsar de Zarcero) to pay a fair price for coffee grown in an environmentally sustainable manner. Oh, and did we mention delicious? This is serious coffee, with the sort of notes of fruit and spice that gourmands usually associate with fine wine. That commitment to quality extends to all of the coffees that Kaldi's brews, from the basic blends to the single-origin beans the company's buyers have sought out, cupped and brought back to the States. You don't have to know all of this to enjoy a cup of Kaldi's coffee, but as you lose yourself in flavors far more complex than what the mini-mart and national chains sell, you'll want to learn more about the beans and the journeys Kaldi's has taken to bring them to your cup.

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