Best Of 2011

Best Ice Cream Parlor: I Scream Cakes

It's a silly old song, but oh, so true: We all scream for a cold and caloric reminder of the carefree whimsy of childhood. And looky here! Here comes Cherokee Street newbie I Scream Cakes, cheerfully providing instant gratification! The shop is decked out in bold shades of pink, orange and green and equipped with big rubber bouncy balls you can sit on while you scarf down scoops of made-from-scratch frozen treats. The environs scream "fun," but owner Kerry Soraci takes her ice cream seriously. That means the blueberry-cheesecake ice cream contains cheesecake made in-house, along with organic blueberries and a homemade custard base. In fact, Soraci uses as many organic ingredients as she can for all her "iscreams" and ice-cream cakes. I Scream offers dairy-free, gluten-free and even doggy-friendly selections, so no child within any of us gets left behind. I Scream Cakes is about as untraditional as an ice-cream parlor can get, but it's all about bringing out the kid in all of us. And isn't that what you've all been screaming for all along?

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