Best Of 2011

Best Indian Restaurant: Haveli

A new metric for evaluating Indian restaurants: How spicy are the dishes on the lunch buffet? Not every dish in the Indian culinary repertoire is intended to pack heat, but when those that should are available, too many kitchens tamp down the Scoville count for a general audience. That's not the case at Haveli. If you happen to spot chana masala on the Overland restaurant's lunch buffet, rest assured it's appropriately fiery. Same goes for the beef meatballs. So you know the staff at Haveli are confident of what they're dishing up. And rightly so. Entrées featuring lamb and goat are outstanding: piquant lamb vindaloo, subtle goat curry, complex rogan josh. Don't like heat or lamb or goat? Don't worry. The straightforward classics get their due as well.

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