Best Of 2011

Best Margarita: Pueblo Solis

The "Cadillac" margaritas at this friendly family-run eatery are, simply, divine. There's none of that treacly too-sweet crap you get at lesser Mexican places, just good, tart lime juice, Sauza Gold, Grand Marnier and a little splash of sour mix. They would knock you on your ass if not for the bounty of chips and salsa brought to your table: With chipotle and verde salsas in addition to a just-hot-enough red salsa, you'll scarf down enough to get you through to a second pitcher. Did we say pitcher? Pueblo Solis is that kind of place. Make sure you ask to be seated on the patio, which is fully shaded and more cheerful than the rooms inside. Plus, margaritas go with steamy St. Louis summer afternoons like, well, chips and salsa.

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