Best Of 2011

Best Bed & Breakfast: Grand Center Inn

Hotels can provide a sterile reminder that, like the guy in the next-door room, you're just a lonely body in a bed that doesn't belong to you. But a stay in a bed and breakfast feels warm and personal, like your room in that house is yours, if just for one night. The Grand Center Inn (formerly the Meriwether Mansion) is an imposing three-story mansion perched on the edge of Grand Center like a beautiful gargoyle. Thanks to Francesco Russo and Eric Lougin Russo, the nearly 150-year-old manse was spared from demolition when the pair purchased it in 2005 and undertook a top-to-bottom rehab. Some of the rooms now offer large terraces, and others deep claw-foot tubs. Take a soak, sip some wine, don your finest and sweep down the grand staircase and out the front door for a short moonlit stroll to the symphony or the Fox. Grab a nightcap. Retire back to your mansion. It's the good life, and for as little as $125, it's all yours — if only for one night.