Best Of 2011

Best Place to Buy New Clothing (Women): Mary Jane's

There is not actually a Mary Jane behind this fabulous little shop just south of Left Bank Books in the Central West End. There is, however, a Lori Harris, who named the place after the little girl befriended by her pug, Clyde. As you might guess based on that charming anecdote, Mary Jane's is not one of those snotty boutiques that makes you feel short of Botox from the minute you walk through the door. It's young, flip and hip — without being too young or too hip or too flip. In the St. Louis shop (one of just two stores in this very small chain, the other being in Park City, Utah), you can buy a $20 top or a $340 dress, a sophisticated Black Halo shirtwaist or a trendy Michael Stars T-shirt. It's mix and match, high and low, and there's almost always a really good pair of shoes to go with it. We have no idea if the eponymous Mary Jane would approve of these clothes, but we can assure you that the smartly dressed girls of St. Louis most certainly do.