Best Of 2012

Best Poster Designer (Concert Division): Pat Grosch

Best Poster Designer (Concert Division)

As fans of the band know, the mop-topped frontman for Bug Chaser, Pat Grosch, is also its primary poster artist, which is why he doesn't have a design website. It also explains why the posters — like a visual sibling of the music — hum with a kind of carefully controlled artistic chaos. In an age of poster design when twee adorableness and putting-a-bird-on-it seem to be the reigning aesthetic, it's refreshing to look at a Pat Grosch work and feel a sense of ol' fashioned rock & roll rage. One poster in particular — for a show with Ransom Note, Bug Chaser and Magic City at Off Broadway — was especially moving, a '50s-era black-and-white Betty reclining with visions of a rainbow mushroom cloud exploding over her head. It explains the music better than words and drives home the message: White space is for nerds.