Best Of 2015

Best Fast Food: Fort Taco

Fort Taco’s housemade chicken tamales.
The line of cars in Fort Taco's drive-through can spill out onto Manchester Road. Although the workers move as fast as they can, impatient diners can still get a little heated. But don't be the jerk who stands between a hungry customer and his taco. Just pull up to the intercom and order one of everything. The menu at this Tex-Mex spot is small, and regardless of what you get, it's bound to be fantastic. The tiny spot (it used to be a Rally's) is known for its mammoth puffy tacos filled with seasoned beef or pulled chicken. There are also handmade tamales and enchiladas covered in molten cheese and a rich ancho-chile sauce. They are so transcendent you might consider hopping back in line to order a second round. So what are you waiting for? Order already, and keep the line moving — and challenge yourself to make it out of the lot without devouring the entire contents of your to-go bag. 8106 Manchester Road, Brentwood, 63144. 314-647-2391,

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