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Best Doughnuts: Old Town Donuts

Old Town Donuts rises above the rest.

Even the most casual doughnut-eater knows that the key to a good one is to get it fresh out of the fryer. Sure, no one's going to turn down a doughnut that's been in the case for a few hours — or even a day-old if times are tough enough. But through some feat of magic, Old Town Donuts manages to create the fresh-from-the-fryer effect no matter what point in the day you enjoy one of its yeasty treats — an especially difficult task considering the place is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Old Town runs three shifts a day, so every few hours, you're getting one fresh from the fryer, fluffy, airy and glistening with just enough grease. But what's even more shocking is that, even the next day, these glorious glazed beauties are as good as the fresh ones at other stores around town. Not that you could ever wait so long before gobbling an entire dozen of these masterpieces.

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