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Best Brunch: BEAST Butcher & Block

BEAST Butcher and Block has the best brunch around.

David and Meggan Sandusky don’t do anything small, so it’s no surprise that the brunch at their Grove smokehouse, BEAST Butcher & Block, is an embarrassment of riches. Originally envisioned as a buffet experience set up in the restaurant’s live-fire venue, the Skullery, the Sanduskys have reconfigured things for outdoor table service or takeout without sacrificing the indulgence. House-cured salmon, housemade sausages, made-from-scratch biscuits and omelets cooked over the open fire are the best versions of brunch fare you’ve experienced; seriously, you’ll question whether you’ve ever really had bacon once you get a bite of BEAST’s. The restaurant’s secret weapon is chef Ryan McDonald, whose thoughtful dishes, such as a peach and lonza tartine, give an elegant touch to this incredible spread. In an ideal world, you’d be able to go in for thirds and fourths of this magnificent dish — thanks, COVID. — Cheryl Baehr

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