Best Of 2021

Best Local Album: Foxing, Draw Down the Moon

With all due respect, fuck Pitchfork. The members of Foxing may be too polite to express such a sentiment, but we here at the RFT pride ourselves on calling out injustice when it’s plainly warranted, regardless of the level of vulgarity required. And so, as the online publication awarded one of St. Louis’ finest local acts a tepid 6.0 (what, no decimal points on this one, you absolute dorks?) out of 10.0 for its latest release, August’s breathtakingly ambitious, hauntingly beautiful Draw Down the Moon, with the writer even going so far as to accuse the record of peddling the “frustratingly anonymous sounds of 2010s festival rock,” we at this publication could be added to the chorus of fans who responded immediately with a full-throated “What the fuck?” The band, of course, took the matter in stride, with frontman Conor Murphy hopping onto Twitter to attempt to calm the angry masses. “At the end of the day, Pitchfork didn’t love this album and that’s OK,” Murphy wrote. “The heart of this is that there’s no need to attack anyone or be bitter.” We beg to differ, Foxing: You guys released the best album of the year, Pitchfork is staffed by hacks who got it wrong, and we got your back. Please continue to create some of the most thoughtful and genre-melding rock this city has to offer — and, as always, fuck the haters. —Daniel Hill

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