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Best Indian: Khanna’s Desi Vibes

Khanna’s Desi Vibes
The moment you walk into Khanna’s Desi Vibes (13724 Olive Boulevard, Chesterfield; 314-392-9348) you understand that you are in a restaurant that somehow manages to be fiercely traditional while pushing the boundaries of what Indian cuisine can be. Drawing from a northern Indian tradition, Khanna’s Desi Vibes serves the rich curries, masalas, kormas and lamb rogan josh that diners have come to love and expect from the classic Indian tradition; if you leave with only trying these, you will be wholly satisfied and feel as if you have enjoyed one of the city’s best Indian spots. However, what makes this thrilling restaurant so special is its willingness to expand that playbook with fusion dishes that echo the interplays such as Viet-Cajun or Korean-Mexican that are now taken for granted. Minted paneer tacos, chicken tikka flatbread and butter chicken pasta are playful and utterly delicious, showing just how beautiful it can be when a restaurant is willing to march to its own beat. —Cheryl Baehr

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