Best Of 2021

Best Cannabis Strain (Indica): Bubba Fett

Bubba Fett
For those in search of a mellow high, one that isn’t too overwhelming and which leaves the smoker with plenty of energy to get things done, we will say this: Bubba Fett is not the strain for you. This is weed for dedicated stoners, those who are looking for an utterly stupefying cannabis experience. An indica dominant made by crossing Stardawg and Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Bubba Fett was rolled out by a few different local cultivators in recent months, including Flora Farms and C4 Pharm, to the great delight of high-tolerance smokers across the state. A C4-branded pouch purchased by this reviewer in May at Jane Dispensary clocked in at 20.54 percent THC, and the smaller, mostly darker-green nuggets boasted a dark, rich, slightly skunky smell. On inhale, the strain had a flavorful, sweet taste that smoothed out into an enjoyable smoke after a few initial coughs. As for effects, Bubba Fett is not for the faint of heart. Expect to be locked to your couch, with your brain scrambled like eggs and your stomach rumbling, and any chronic pain you might normally experience melted away. When amateur smokers speak of their nightmare experiences with far-too-powerful weed, it’s easy to imagine the likes of Bubba Fett might be the strain they got their hands on. For us old pros, though, it’s nothing but a good time. —Thomas K. Chimchards