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Best Gift Shop: Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
We’re going to let you in on a little secret: Museum gift shops are the best place in town to get all of your holiday shopping out of the way all at once. They offer unique gifts that you can’t find in any other shops, and (best of all) if you buy from museum gift shops, the money goes to supporting art and artists instead of supporting Jeff Bezos going to space again. The tiny little gift shop inside the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (3750 Washington Boulevard; 314-535-4660) packs a big punch, offering not just gorgeous art books of all varieties, but also unique apparel, bags, jewelry, luxury scarves, Baggu products, planters, notebooks, cards, banners, instruments and kids’ educational toys. You can find a thoughtful, special gift for anyone from your grandkids to your great-auntie here, wrap them all up and be done with holiday shopping before Halloween. And if you need to get some shopping done but don’t have time to experience the art, the gift shop is right in front. You can pop in, shop and then hustle on out. It’s a way better situation than dealing with a mall. Once you try it once, you’ll do it every year. Promise. —Jaime Lees

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