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Best Cheap Thrill: Defiance Roadhouse

Defiance Roadhouse
Rural Missouri offers quite a few pleasures alongside its many terrors. There are rolling hills, lush green grasses, the beautiful colors of changing leaves and biker bars. Yep. The wineries aren’t the only way to get a buzz on while out in the country. Save an otherwise dull trip to the vineyards with a stop into the Defiance Roadhouse (2999 South Missouri 94, Defiance; 636-987-2075). With the bar and grill set along a severe curve in Route 94 right next to an otherwise supremely peaceful stretch of the Katy Trail, you’ll often hear it before you see it because of the frequently large amount of big, loud bikes revving up in the parking lot. But don’t be scared off by the big men in leather. The folks there will know you’re not a regular, but that isn’t an issue if you’re not a dumbass. Order a whiskey and order some food (it’s pretty good), and then, if the spirit moves you, head out to the open barn alongside the bar and get to dancin’. —Jaime Lees

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