Best Of 2021

Best Neighborhood to Live In: The Hill

The Hill Neighborhood.
It’s quiet at night, the restaurants are amazing, the neighbors are nice, and the streets smell of freshly baked bread each morning. That’s right, there’s nothing quite like living on the Hill. The home of Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola Sr. is well known as the top place in St. Louis to stop in for a hearty Italian dinner, but living there brings a whole other world of pleasures. In addition to fabulous meals, the Hill offers gorgeous little family houses, tiny (yet packed) neighborhood grocery stores, small shops, walkable sidewalks, huge church culture, a tight sense of community and countless nonnas outside sweeping their front porches. Living on the Hill is like traveling back in time, but with the ability to bring home high-quality olive oil as a souvenir. —Jaime Lees