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Best Place for a First Date: Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing Gym
It can sure feel like the end of the world lately, so we all need to be wise about whom we take on as a partner. Your new boo might be someone you’ll need to lock down with for months or expect to guard the children while you go out to Costco and hunt for toilet paper. In situations like these, the best match for you is generally someone completely unlike you. So if you’re dumb, find someone smart. If you panic under pressure, find someone who can keep a cool head. And if you’re physically weak, find someone who can open your jar of pandemic pickles. When you find someone smart, you’ll usually know right away. But if you’re not sure if your new potential partner is strong, take them to Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing Gym (multiple locations, including 326 South 21st Street; 314-241-7625), strap them in and see what they can do. If they can’t support their body weight with their fingertips, cut them loose from your life. This is the Thunderdome. You’re looking for an asset to your team, not a liability. Boy, bye. —Jaime Lees

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