Curtesy of Art, Mimosas & Pancakes

9th Annual Brock Seals Art Mimosas & Pancakes: A Dynamic Fusion of Art, Music, and Flavor in St. Louis!

The 9th Annual Brock Seals Art Mimosas & Pancakes event in St. Louis (Saturday, July 20th), hosted by artist Brock Seals, has a fresh new format this year with two awesome sessions. The daytime session is perfect for families, featuring fun activities like interactive art, performances, and custom pancakes by Dancakes, making it a great time for art lovers of all ages. In the evening, things get more lively with live DJ sets, dynamic art displays, and performances by musical talents like A Game & MC Tres, Shacko & Akim, and Thre3. You’ll also get to see amazing live art

  • The Hawthorne

    2231 Washington Avenue, St. Louis St. Louis - Downtown

    (314) 887-0877

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