10 Times Mauhaus Cat Cafe Was the Cutest Thing on the Internet

The cuteness at Mauhaus Cat Cafe is unreal. - Photo by Kelly Glueck.
Photo by Kelly Glueck.
The cuteness at Mauhaus Cat Cafe is unreal.

Although Mauhaus Cat Cafe (3101 Sutton Boulevard, Maplewood; 314-384-2287) has only been open since November, it's already abundantly clear that these cats' social media game is on point. Whether they're trying to break into trash cans, helping with administrative work or just sitting there looking cute, these St. Louis felines already have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds beyond the wildest dreams of any mere human. Basically, you'll never have to visit YouTube for cat videos again — these cats bring the cuteness quotient without even trying.

So, whether you need a pick-me-up today or just like cats, here are 10 of some of our favorite Mauhaus moments so far (in no particular order).

1. When the first adoption photo turned out more perfect than any of our family photos.
2. When all the kitties were there to console you during the inauguration.
4. Dogs are known to eat homework. The Mauhaus kitties prefer to help you with it.
5. THIS.
6. That wonderful moment when you find cookies that look like your face.
  7. These cats are even cute when they're causing shenanigans.
8. Paul is too busy being awesome to read your emails.
9. Why? Why are they so adorable?

10. Thank you, Mauhaus kittens, for making this world a better (and fluffier) place. #blessed

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