#51: Vegetable Korma at Gokul Snacks & Sweets

The vegetable korma at Gokul Snacks & Sweets - Ian Froeb
Ian Froeb
The vegetable korma at Gokul Snacks & Sweets
Ian Froeb
The vegetable korma at Gokul Snacks & Sweets
As a card-carrying carnivore, I'm not the best person to ask where to find good vegetarian meals. That's not a knock on vegetables, which I love. It's a knock on restaurants that don't know how to cook vegetables. At any rate, my go-to answer for vegetarians is to suggest an Indian restaurant. If there is another cuisine that does a better job drawing more flavor out of and providing more satisfaction with vegetables, I have yet to experience it.

You can find good vegetarian dishes at almost every Indian restaurant in the area, and a few, like Gokul Snacks & Sweets, offer only vegetarian dishes.

The wonder of Indian food is that so many different elements can combine together to taste like something else entirely -- something much more than the sum of its parts. So it is with the vegetable korma, a creamy tomato sauce without the acidic bite (or, as you can see, the color) of tomatoes. Cashews and raisins add depth and a mild sweetness to the sauce, yet without the menu's guidance, you might not notice the presence of either.

The vegetables (peas, green beans, lima beans, among others) are just a touch more tender than al dente, retaining enough of their natural flavor to add their individual notes to the sauce. The dish is available à la carte, though I enjoyed it and a tasty tikka masala dish with paneer (homemade cheese) in place of chicken at the $7.99 lunch buffet.

Gokul Snacks & Sweets

10663-B Page Avenue, Overland

I'm counting down -- in no particular order -- 100 of my favorite dishes in St. Louis. Some are well-known, others obscure. Some are expensive, others dirt cheap. All of them, I guarantee, are delicious. Please do not hesitate to share your own favorites via the comments thread.


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