54th Street Grille and Chili's Provide Unwanted Extras, Get Sued

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Do not eat.

Everyone wants a little something extra from their franchised bar and grill favorites, right?

On March 2nd Missourian Mark Neville filed suit against the Shiloh, Illinois location of 54th Street Grille because of something extra in his meal. Neville claims that during a May 22 visit to the restaurant, better known in legal documents as Kellan Restaurant Management Corporation of Kansas City, he broke two teeth and suffered permanent damage to his mouth when he bit into broken glass in his meal.

Neville is seeking $50,000 in damages, according to the Madison Record. He claims:

...the restaurant knew that a plate had broken near food, failed to maintain its premises in a clean and safe condition, failed to adequately inspect the area and food it planned to serve to customers after a plate broke and failed to warn customers that pieces from a broken plate had spilled into their food.

Neville is being represented by James E. Neville of Neville, Richards and Wuller in Belleville, Illinois. No word on if they're related.

Meanwhile, in New Mexico...

The New York Daily News reports that a woman in Farmington, New Mexico got an unwanted tongue-piercing while dining at Chili's. She bit into a two-inch needle that was included in her ribs and mashed potatoes plate.

Ashley Phillips filed suit on March 9 for the July, 2010 incident. When she alerted management at the time, they confiscated the needle, refusing to get it tested for 52 days. Because of this Phillips had to undergo testing for HIV and hepatitis, and had to stop nursing her infant son. She's suing the company for emotional damage.

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