#55: Gyro at Anthonino's Taverna

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The gyro at Anthonino's Taverna - Ian Froeb
Ian Froeb
The gyro at Anthonino's Taverna
Ian Froeb
The gyro at Anthonino's Taverna
You shouldn't ignore the Italian dishes at Anthonino's Taverna. The pizza is better than most of the pies found on or near the Hill -- the "Sicilian," with pepperoni, red onion and roasted red peppers especially so. That said, Anthonino's Greek dishes -- and, specifically, the gyro -- are what bring me back.

The pita is grilled to a light crisp, which helps it to support a generous serving of beef and lamb with tomatoes, red onion, tzaziki sauce and (for an extra $1) feta cheese. The meat is tender and perfectly spiced, nicely balanced between lamb's distinctly bright note and beef's richness.

The tzaziki sauce imparts a mild tang to the gyro, and the feta cheese adds salt and funk. What puts this gyro over the top, though, are the slivers of raw onion, which give it a sweet, sharp kick. At $7, which includes a serving of good French fries, Anthonino's gyro is both a great meal and a great value.

Anthonino's Taverna
2225 Macklind Avenue
$7 ($6 without feta)

I'm counting down -- in no particular order -- 100 of my favorite dishes in St. Louis. Some are well-known, others obscure. Some are expensive, others dirt cheap. All of them, I guarantee, are delicious. Please do not hesitate to share your own favorites via the comments thread.


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