#93: The Prosperity at Ruma's Deli

#93: The Prosperity at Ruma's Deli
Katie Moulton

For a homegrown and humble neighborhood joint, Ruma's Deli (1395 Quantock Drive; 314-892-9990) sure cooks up its share of controversy. Love or hate its signature ingredient, the South County deli - and local family-owned institution - proudly serves the platter-sized sandwiches smothered in that most St. Louis of cheeses: Provel.

The Gerber may be its most famous take on a regular old ham-and-cheese, but for our hard-earned $5, we opt for its fraternal twin of meaty, cheesy indulgence: The Prosperity.

The Prosperity is served hot and open-face on toasted bread. It's then piled with roast beef as thick as steak cuts and encased in a white sheet of Provel. Somewhere inside, there's melted garlic butter - and gravy.

It's simple yet indulgent. It takes two sittings to consume it. It may have an inferiority complex. It's delicious, and it's so St. Louis.

Provel's twin peaks: the Prosperity and the Gerber at Ruma's Deli. - Katie Moulton
Katie Moulton
Provel's twin peaks: the Prosperity and the Gerber at Ruma's Deli.

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