A Bowl of Noodles for $324? A Bowl of Noodles for $324

click to enlarge $324 would buy you a lot of ramen. - Image via
$324 would buy you a lot of ramen.
Today the Wall Street Journal (via Eater) checks in with Taiwanese chef Wang Cong-yuan and his restaurant Niu Ba Ba, where diners can purchase a bowl of noodles for $324.

The price -- a cool 10,000 in New Taiwanese dollars -- was set when the chef asked VIP customers what they thought a bowl of his noodles was worth.

What do you get for $324?

It took the chef 15 years to perfect his recipe, which includes just 120 grams of noodles, five four-inch squares of beef, one piece of tendon, and of course, soup.

As you might suspect, given the price, both the sourcing and the preparation of the ingredients are very, very precise. The beef is actually three different types of meat, from the U.S., Japan and Australia, as well as tendon from Brazil. Each type of meat is cut a certain way. The meat is braised three days -- though "rested" by freezing overnight.

Now, for $324, you might expect the noodles to be handmade -- perhaps in front of you. Alas, they are made in a nearby factory, though according to the chef's own recipe.

Though I wouldn't drop that much dough on a bowl o' noodles, I give the chef props for creating his dish without resorting to foie gras, gold leaf, caviar or another luxury ingredient that usually make these "world's most expensive" stories obnoxious.
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