A Public Service Announcement from Gut Check: Don't Drink and Walk This New Year's

Gut Check doesn't need to tell you not to drink and drive this New Year's Eve and Day. You might spill your drink!

Seriously, though. Don't drink and drive.

HOWEVER, the answer is not to drink and walk instead, at least according to Freakonomics Radio. You see, it's actually more dangerous -- like, eight times more dangerous -- for you to drink and walk than for you to drink and drive. What's more, as the report details, New Year's Day is a notoriously deadly hoiliday for pedestrians.

Granted, as the report notes, you almost certainly won't cause anyone else's death if you drink and walk, but that will likely be cold comfort to you when you're being wheeled into the morgue.

Listen to the full report here (which includes a minute or so of public-radio-style preliminaries).

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