A Slice of Larger than Life at St. Louis National Pizza Company

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Two extra-large pizza slices at St. Louis National Pizza Company - Ian Froeb
Ian Froeb
Two extra-large pizza slices at St. Louis National Pizza Company
The Place: St. Louis National Pizza Company (3201 South Grand Boulevard; 314-772-2285), a.k.a. Natty's, which opened in Tower Grove South in 2010 and serves St. Louis-, New York- and Chicago-style pizzas.

The Deal: Two extra-large, New York-style slices of pizza, one topping each, and a soft drink for $5.50.

The picture above doesn't convey just how big these two slices of pizza are. Perhaps this version of that photo will give you some sense of the scale:

Alas, the pizza is more impressive to observe than eat. There's very little sauce (even relative to the style), and as you can see, the cheese is concentrated around the center of each slice. The crust on the slice closer to the camera hit the balance of being thin, but still thick enough to fold. The other slice's crust was floppy.

The Verdict: A lot of food for the money, but by no means standout pizza. On the other hand, given the dearth of by-the-slice pizza joints in this town, beggars can't be choosers.

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