Acero's Red Wattle Pork Loin: What to Eat This Weekend and Where to Eat It

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The interior of Acero in Maplewood | Kelly Hogan
The interior of Acero in Maplewood | Kelly Hogan

"Springtime," says Adam Gnau, the executive chef of Jim Fiala's Acero (7266 Manchester Road, Maplewood; 314-644-1790), when I ask him what's he most excited about this weekend.

"Hopefully this weather will hold out and we can get more local produce," he continues.

Besides local produce, Gnau also eagerly awaits the arrival of spring salmon. No Scottish, Atlantic or farm-raised salmon for him -- he wants the fish with the high-fat content. Right now, though, the price quoted by his purveyor is too high.

As for this weekend? Right now Gnau is excited about pork.

"We're going to have a red wattle pork loin, which should be fun," he says. "Everyone loves red wattle pork."

"I'm not quite sure," about the exact preparation, he tells me. "Some root vegetables, some arugula coming in. I've got some English peas. I'm not too excited about cleaning them, but it's worth it, it's so delicious."

Gnau also recommends an Acero stand-by, the gnocco fritto appetizer and a glass of Lambrusco: "If people want to come in and have a nice little snack and eat some meat donuts, that's always a safe bet."

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