Advice for Novice Cooks on Avoiding Thanksgiving Food Poisoning

Nov 23, 2010 at 9:00 am
If you're serving Thanksgiving dinner to loved ones this week, the Los Angeles Times offers a handy guide on how to not kill them with food poisoning. Beware the once-a-year cook and the bacteria-ridden leftovers. Not washing the veggies with bleach is also recommended.

Feeding some not-so-loved ones? has five mutant turduckens to scare them away.

Not a moment too soon, the Senate will be voting on the Food Safety Bill the day after Thanksgiving. NPR has the details of what's been trimmed from the bill (BPA ban and lots of small farm exemptions) and why Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn keeps holding out.

Whether the bill passes or not, Mario Batali's got some thoughts on the future of food. He's shared them via the Wall Street Journal. No surprises, he suggests we rethink corn, meat, fishing, soda, and school lunches.