Another Diner Down at the Heart Attack Grill

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When we last checked in with the Heart Attack Grill -- where you can order the almost-10,000-calorie "Quadruple Bypass Burger" (add twenty slices of bacon for just $3.69 more!), fries cooked in pure lard and butterfat milkshakes ("literally pure cream!") -- a diner had suffered a heart attack at the Las Vegas restaurant where anyone weighing over 350 pounds eats for free.

That was in February. If you had two months in your office's "When will something like this happen again?" pool, collect your winnings.

From ABC News (via Eater) comes word that a woman collapsed at the Heart Attack Grill on Saturday night.

According to the ABC report, the 40-something woman "was eating a double bypass burger, smoking cigarettes and having a margarita."

Gut Check assumes this means that the woman smoked multiple cigarettes over the course of her meal, not that she smoked multiple cigarettes at once, though given the Heart Attack Grill's proudly immoderate M.O., we suppose anything is possible.

At any rate, the woman is recuperating at the hospital, and your office can reset its pool.

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