Apathy R Us: No Anti-GMO Rally Set for St. Louis

Mar 24, 2011 at 8:26 am
Apathy R Us: No Anti-GMO Rally Set for St. Louis

On March 26, protesters plan to gather in twenty cities across the nation at locations including the White House, New York City Hall, Atlanta's CNN Building and the Los Angeles Federal Building. The reason? To demand honest labeling in foods that contain genetically modified ingredients, research on the health consequences of GMOs and measures to prevent genetic modifications from contaminating organic crops. The rallies are being organized by the Organic Consumers Association, a nonprofit group that promotes the interests of organic consumers.

But not in St. Louis. Why no "Hell no, no more GMO" action in the STL? There is, after all, a bit of a GMO presence in this town.

There's also apathy.

"We have not had anyone step up yet and take it on," says Organic Consumers Association spokeswoman April Reeves. "We do supply everything: press releases, press kits, sign slogans and information, plus a whole lot more. It's just a matter of someone taking it on locally."

So why hasn't anyone stepped up?

"I wish every city and small town would step up, but this is why we are doing this in the first place: to bring awareness to those that are unaware. Apparently St. Louis needs to know!" says Reeves.