Baby Food Confiscated By the TSA, and Other Unsafe Foods

May 13, 2011 at 1:00 pm
This is why the TSA searches kids. -
This is why the TSA searches kids.

There's a reason why the TSA searches kids and babies. It just takes one rogue tot with some explosives in his puréed turkey and noodles to cause a national tragedy!

Thursday morning, a mother flying from Dallas to Chicago with her eight-month-old had her baby food confiscated by TSA officials after it tested positive for trace amounts of explosives.

WFAA in Dallas-Ft. Worth reports that mother Kimarie Ankenbrand said, "'That's the only food we have for him. We're getting on a flight, a three-hour flight.

"Oh my God. You're telling me we're going to starve a 7-month-old child? We're getting on a plane."

She didn't seem too concerned about the fact that her kid's food tested positive for explosives. Security agents explained that the tests sometimes produce a false-positive, which was probably the case. They disposed of the food.

Even though the food was confiscated, Baby Bruce did not starve in the three hours he was deprived of a jar of baby food and a juice box.

Chives and Entenmann's Donuts should probably be confiscated, too.

Chives from Goddess Gardens, Inc. were recalled due to possible listeria contamination. The offending chives were sold in plastic clam shells and one-pound bags in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Alabama, Illinois and Virginia.

In the western states, Entenmann's and Bimbo have recalled Pop 'Em Donuts in Powdered, Rich Frosted, and Cinnamon varieties. The donuts were made in the same facility, which received complaints that the donuts smelled weird and caused illness.

(No, we're not sure why people would eat the funny-smelling donuts, either.)

The smell and illnesses have been attributed to possible mold contamination.