Beer in the Shower

May 31, 2007 at 11:46 am

photo: Ian Froeb

click to enlarge Drink, rinse, repeat.
Drink, rinse, repeat.

Drink, rinse, repeat.

I moved this week. It sucked. But at the end of an arduous few days, I looked forward to rewarding myself with one of the great, small pleasures of this world: drinking an ice cold beer while taking a hot shower.

Alas, this didn't work out quite as I'd hoped. Still, it's the perfect occasion to introduce what I hope will be an occasional feature to put you, loyal Gut Check readers, in the spotlight.

Name: Ian Froeb

Age/Occupation: 29, Food Critic

Date Beer Consumed in Shower: 5/31/07, sometime after midnight

Why? Just finished moving into new apartment

Beer? Boulevard Pale Ale

Good? Perfectly crisp

Which did you finish first? The shower. No hot water!

Do you, too, enjoy the occasional (or frequent) beer in the shower? Drop me a line with "Beer in the Shower" as the subject heading, and you may be featured on this very blog!

-Ian Froeb