Best and Worst Easter Candy Countdown: Russell Stover Mini Bunnies, Best

Best and Worst Easter Candy Countdown: Russell Stover Mini Bunnies, Best
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As Easter Sunday creeps closer, Gut Check dreams of baskets piled high with pastel-colored candies, chocolate shaped like baby animals and, oh sweet Jesus, Cadbury eggs. We remember well the ritual of sorting the bounty bestowed by the big, weird Easter Bunny: Would it be good stuff...or crap?

Want to avoid the inevitable disappointment of unsatisfying, subpar Easter candy? Check out our take on the 5 Best and Worst Easter Treats, which we'll trot out each day as the holiday approaches...

Best Easter Candy Countdown, No. 4: Russell Stover's Mini Bunnies What says Easter more than sugary, chocolate molded to resemble a rabbit? If you answered "Religion," you're so wrong. Speckled, milk-chocolate, marshmallow or solid: No matter what shape, size or flavor we'll eat the hell out of chocolate Easter bunnies.

While the selection is endless, one of the standouts is Russell Stover Milk Chocolate Mini Bunnies. These smooth, creamy choco rabbits are wrapped in pretty pastel-colored foil, and unwrapping each bunny (there are around twenty per bag) is half the fun -- you know, the pleasure and pain of anticipation is what Easter is all about, right? And true to our childhood memories, we always feel some glee at biting off the ears first, and next, the remainder of the rabbit head.

These bunnies might not be as big as some of their candy companions, but they still satisfy a sugar-fix, and though they make great treats long after Easter has passed, for us, they never seem to last beyond that blessed, sugar-coma of a morning.

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