Biopic of Animal Whisperer Temple Grandin Screens This Weekend

click to enlarge Grandin's gift with the four-legged comes from her autism. - Image via
Grandin's gift with the four-legged comes from her autism.
Finding a pop-culture analogue to animal scientist Temple Grandin seems kind of like starting a stock without onions, carrots and celery. Won't happen.

The go-to gal for all things related to humane animal slaughter, Grandin occupies a league of her own. The professor at Colorado State University travels the world inspecting abattoirs and farms producing meat for everyone from Chipotle to McDonald's and has reportedly designed one-third of all the cattle-killing facilities in use today.

She is said to be one of the highest-functioning autistics in the world. Riverfront Times interviewed Grandin for our pig-farm feature "The Pope of Pork" back in 2008.) 

Now HBO has made a biopic chronicling Grandin's early years; titled Temple Grandin and directed by Mick Jackson (L.A. Story), it stars Claire Danes.
Grandin told Beef Magazine awhile back that she was looking forward to the movie premiere, but trying to keep it real.

"I have to remind myself not to get a big head," she says. "You know what happens. Just look at statues of famous people; they all have pigeon poop on them."

The biopic airs Saturday night, February 6, on HBO. Here's the trailer.

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