Blessed are the Cheese-Makers; They are Keeping Their Farms

Oct 21, 2010 at 8:00 am

The rough economy has led many dairy farmers to artisan cheese-making. The Los Angeles Times interviews several farmers-turned-cheese-makers who faced losing their farms, but have found success in embracing traditional cheese-making.

With all the talk about how horrible school lunches are, has anyone asked what kids think of cafeteria food? The Boston Globe covered a Boston Museum of Science program that gave 300 high school students the chance to learn what goes into their cafeteria lunches and get their opinions.

The Boston kids said they would like their sugary sodas made available again, but the Wall Street Journal reports that might be a problem. If farmers are banned from growing genetically-modified beets next year, there's a chance American sugar production will be cut by 20%. Since GMO beets were approved five years ago, only five percent of beets come from traditional beet seeds, which are now in short supply.

Maybe we all need a hit of Gymnema Sylvestre before the sugar shortage kills us all. Salon tests the powder that disables the ability to taste sweetness. That'll get the monkey off our backs.