Blimpie Subs Ace Latest Weight Test

Mar 8, 2010 at 10:55 am
Gut Check might not have the resources for a full-scale Blimpiegate investigation, but we certainly weren't satisfied weighing sandwiches from only one Blimpie -- especially since our sandwich came from a Blimpie inside a gas station mini-mart rather than a "true" Blimpie.

So late last week I drove to Edwardsville, Illinois, to visit the Blimpie at 439 South Buchanan Street.

Again, Gut Check wanted to see whether Blimpie provided a true double portion of meat, as advertised, on its "Super Stacked" subs. Our curiosity, prompted by the lawsuit filed in Madison County, Illinois, has also raised questions about the total weight of Blimpie subs versus the weight listed on the restaurant's own nutrition information.

How did this new round of subs stack up?

As before, I ordered the 6-inch Blimpie Best sub in both regular and "Super Stacked" (i.e., double the meat) form. This, however, was the first time the double-meat sub was actually branded as "Super Stacked." According to Kahala Corp., Blimpie's parent company, the regular 6-inch Blimpie Best sub should contain 2.4 ounces of meat, the "Super Stacked" 4.8 ounces.

The meat portions of the Edwardsville regular and "Super Stacked" Blimpie Best subs weighed 2.6 and 4.9 ounces respectively. This is approximately what they should weigh, by Blimpie's own standards. For those unaware of Blimpie's standard but expecting a double portion of meat, it's reasonably close to what is advertised.

The subs as a whole weighed 9.2 ounces (261 grams) and 11.9 ounces (337 grams). This included cheese, lettuce, tomato, black olives and banana peppers as well as the meat and bread. According to Blimpie's nutrition information (link PDF), a regular 6-inch Blimpie Best should weigh 10.44 ounces (296 grams), while the "Super Stacked" version 12.84 ounces (364 grams). In both cases, the difference is about an ounce, which, for sandwiches made to order, strikes me, at least, as reasonable.

Gut Check will continue to follow developments in the Blimpie lawsuit. However, I hope you'll understand if we don't weigh any more sandwiches.