Boodles BBQ Set to Open this Week

Boodles BBQ Set to Open this Week
Sarah Baraba

Boodles BBQ, a Southern-style barbecue joint in Affton, will likely open its doors Thursday, October 6, according to co-owner Jonathan Seitz.

Named for a country slang term meaning "a large gathering of people," Seitz hopes boodles and boodles of St. Louisans will make their way to the restaurant located at 10024 Gravois Road.

Boodles will feature a variety of dry-rub dishes including brisket, baby-back ribs, half-chicken and turkey breast smoked to perfection in "hican," a blend of hickory and pecan woods. Seitz says customers can expect some similarities to his former restaurant chain, Bandana's BAR-B-Q, but that Boodles gets "back to the basics." All meats will be cut-to-order and the sides, from a cheesy-sour cream concoction he calls "picnic potatoes" to Greek-inspired green beans straight out of the kitchen of the co-owner's (Chris Makos) mother, will be made in-house.

"We're making the menu real simple and small," Seitz says. "So we can accomplish making everything on it really good."

Boodles diners can choese to dine-in or carry-out, but opting for the latter means you'd miss out the down-home décor, complete with checkered tablecloths and potato sack light fixtures.

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