St. Louis Bread Co.

Apr 17, 2002 at 4:00 am
The story is well known around here. Dissatisfied with the availability of authentic sourdough bread in St. Louis, The Bread Co. founder Ken Rosenthal traveled to San Francisco and carried back a small amount of sourdough starter. He opened a single bakery/café in 1987. People fell in love with his recipe for success. Five short years later, St. Louis Bread Co. has become a household name, and the single sourdough loaf has grown to 20 or more bread varieties. Even through their mega-expansion, they've been able to maintain the quality that started it all, making them a runaway winner in this year's poll.

1. St. Louis Bread Co.
2. Companion Baking Co.
3. Breadsmith
4. Great Harvest Bread Co.
5. Whole Foods