Bring on the Sad Meals - San Francisco Outlaws Fast Food Toy Giveaways

Nov 3, 2010 at 7:00 am

Sorry kids, but San Francisco has outlawed fast-food toy giveaways. Reuters reports that the city's Board of Supervisors passed the law on Tuesday, making them the first U.S. city to pass a law - not just an ordinance - banning the toys. Toy giveaways stop on December 1.

NPR visits with Lisa Johanon, founder of Detroit's Peaches and Greens, a food truck that brings produce to Detroit's inner city, and driver Marvin Jenkins. A 2007 study showed that half a million Detroit residents had to drive twice as far from their homes to reach a grocery store than a fast-food restaurant.

Starting thinking about Thanksgiving. New York Magazine is, with a feature on what celebrity chefs are serving their families on Thanksgiving. Thomas Keller's creamed pearl onions and two pieces of Mario Batali's apple pie, please.

Will that pie taste differently depending on if you're male or female? The Atlantic looks at a study published in the Guardian about the role gender plays in how food tastes and the huge role advertising plays in engendering what we eat. Author Eva Wiseman summarizes, "Men don't eat steak because they are men, men eat steak to show they are men." Some people weren't thrilled with this preconceived notion. Others went so far as to claim they could tell if food had been prepared by a man or a woman. Tejal Rao at the Atlantic was prompted to experiment.