Brunching at Ari's Restaurant and Bar

Brunching at Ari's Restaurant and Bar
Chrissy Wilmes

Where: Ari's Restaurant and Bar

When: Every Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Price: $6.95 for adults, $3.95 for kids. Tea or coffee included in the price.

We Tried: Everything. Scrambled eggs and an omelet, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, fruit salad, french toast sticks, breakfast potatoes.

A tomato, mushroom and cheddar omelet from Ari's omelet bar. - Chrissy Wilmes
Chrissy Wilmes
A tomato, mushroom and cheddar omelet from Ari's omelet bar.

Verdict: Arriving at the tale end of brunch (around 12:45 p.m) we were worried that we might be left with the dregs of breakfast. We were delighted to find Ari's packed full of brunchers and the employees still bringing out pans of hot food and cold fresh fruit.

The highlight of brunch at Ari's is the cooked-to-order omelet bar, which is not so much a bar as a man at a table with two skillets and a double hot plate. He made a tomato and mushroom omelet topped with shredded cheddar for us, and while it was buttery, fluffy and fantastic, it was a bit too large when combined with our other plates and need to try everything. While the giant pans brimming with biscuits and gravy, bacon and sausage links are a hungry carnivore's breakfast dream, the omelet bar makes for a nice addition, especially for vegetarians (as long as they still eat eggs, of course). Ari's also whips up large pans of scrambled eggs (both with and without cheddar), if you're craving eggs but can't quite stomach an omelet entire.

Brunching at Ari's Restaurant and Bar
Chrissy Wilmes

The breakfast potatoes were perfectly seasoned and crispy on the edges. While they're good all by themselves, they're fantastic when scooped up with a dollop of gravy. The bacon, was, well, bacon, and therefore delicious. Really, the French toast sticks were the only buzzkill. They were a bit stale and hard, but we're willing to bet they're much softer towards the beginning of brunch.

The best part? The price. $6.95 gets you as much as you want, and the price includes coffee or tea. Just don't forget to tip the omelet chef.

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