Bud Light Jumps on Equality Bandwagon, Homophobe Beer Drinkers Pissed

click to enlarge These Buds are for you, gay-marriage advocates. - Bud Light Facebook page
Bud Light Facebook page
These Buds are for you, gay-marriage advocates.

If you're on Facebook, you've likely seen the proliferation of red and pink equal signs in lieu of profile pictures, a gesture of support for gay-marriage equality as the United States Supreme Court considers two cases on the topic.

Since then, lots of fans have started "remixing" the equal sign. There's versions with two strips of bacon, two Peeps, two sticks of butter, and now -- two Bud Light tall boys (get it?).

Bud Light posted the above image to their Facebook page earlier this week, to the delight of many -- and the chagrin of a few.

The concept originates with the Human Rights Campaign, which changed the colors of its normally blue and yellow logo to "the color of love," and the image has been shared at least 80,000 times. Celebrities like Beyonce and Grumpy Cat have joined the cause.

But you can't please everyone, and certainly not everyone who drinks Bud Light. Here are a few of the most highly enlightened responses to the post of the two tallboys:

On the other hand, the post generated 10,000 shares and over 55,000 comments, most of which seemed to express approval. And anyone who thinks this is a sudden change of Bud Light's corporate heart hasn't been paying attention. They've been a sponsor of the PrideFest here in Missouri since 1999.

And just because you approve of marriage equality doesn't mean you approve of Bud Light either. Here are some other choice reactions to Anheuser-Busch's finest lightest beer:

Check out the rainbow of responses on the original Facebook post.

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