Burger 809 to Take Over the Citygarden Terrace View Space This Spring

Apr 2, 2024 at 6:00 am
Soon you'll be able to scratch your Burger 809 itch in a downtown space.
Soon you'll be able to scratch your Burger 809 itch in a downtown space. COURTESY PHOTO
Burger 809 gained popularity in the St. Louis food scene with two previous Cherokee Street locations — a standalone storefront at 2619½ Cherokee Street and later within Bluewood Brewing at 1821 Cherokee Street. Now, the restaurant has been announced as the new operator at the Terrace View space at the Gateway Foundation’s three-acre Citygarden at 801 Market Street in downtown St. Louis, with a targeted opening date in April.

“We have been on a mission to find our dream venue and could not be more elated to have landed in the stunning Terrace View in Citygarden,” owner Tasha Smith said in a release. “We are fine tuning an inspired menu that will once again make Citygarden a destination for dining for all kinds of visitors, including our many beloved customers who have long awaited this announcement.”

Although the menu for Citygarden is still being developed, Burger 809 is known for its sliders, salads and traditional comfort food sides like mac and cheese, fries, potato salad and Southern greens, and some new menu items are in the works. The restaurant is slated to be open for brunch, lunch and dinner in its new location, and operating hours will be announced closer to the opening date.

“Tasha resides just a few blocks from Citygarden, and she is passionate about the beauty and vitality of downtown,” Gateway Foundation Executive Director Heather Sweeney said in a release.  “Gateway Foundation is staunchly invested in improving the quality of life for every St. Louisan through both the establishment and care of well-designed spaces. Tasha’s business acumen and her undeniable culinary talent made her a clear choice for the Foundation.”

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