Burger King Giving Away 272 Million Chicken Tenders

Mar 30, 2011 at 1:00 pm
click to enlarge There's a lot more where that came from!
There's a lot more where that came from!
Burger King has reformulated its chicken tenders to include actual chicken with a new shape and seasoning for the breading. To promote these new tenders, the perpetual fast-food bridesmaid is mailing coupons good for free four-piece servings. Watch your mailbox!

The company says it will give away 272 million chicken tenders -- or 68 million coupons -- in this promotion. Now, according to Burger King's website, a 4-piece order of the new tenders has 190 calories, which means that the company is giving away 12,920,000,000 calories!

More impressively, Burger King is giving away 21,080,000,000 milligrams of sodium. That's 21 million grams or 21,000 kilograms -- or just over 46,000 pounds or 23 tons.

In 2007, Mexican authorities seized 23 tons of cocaine in one of the world's largest-ever drug busts. Put it another way: That's 20,865,250 grams of cocaine. At a conservative* estimate of $50 for a gram of coke on the street, that's slightly more than $1.04 billion worth of cocaine.

Burger King is giving away the equivalent of $1.04 billion worth of cocaine in the form of the sodium in its chicken tenders.

* - Or not? Coke fiends: Please help!