Burger King to England: Your Women Are Ugly

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Burger King to England: Your Women Are Ugly

The U.K.'s all a-flutter with royal wedding fever. And really, who doesn't adore pretty princess-to-be Kate Middleton? She's been honored with a beer bearing her name, a Dunkin' Donut celebrating her nuptials to Diana's kid. She flipped pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and is getting acceptably gaunt for her wedding next month.

It's a damn good thing she's attractive, because Burger King's CEO thinks British ladies are ugly.

Bernardo Hees told a class at the University of Chicago that he was so successful as a university student in the U.K. because the girls were too ugly to distract him from his studies.

Perhaps he's basing his opinion on the women his company's used in their British advertising?

For the record, Hees said the food in Britain was as bad as the women. But he runs Burger King, so take that with 1000 milligrams of salt. Which is how much sodium is in a Whopper, Hees' favorite.

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