Café Pintxos Drops the Tapas (Including the Pintxos)

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Jennifer Silverberg
Café Pintxos
When I reviewed Café Pintxos (3407 Olive Street, 314-338-2500) this July, I noted how I was unable to order the restaurant's namesake dish, a Basque variation on Spanish tapas. For no clear reason, the pintxos weren't available during my visits.

Now the pintxos -- and the rest of the restaurant's tapas -- aren't available, period.

Café Pintxos has ditched its Spanish fare in favor of a small "light dinner" menu. This includes a couple of soups and such comfort food as chicken pot pie and meatloaf.

The restaurant has also added a lunch menu of salads, quiches and sandwiches. As it did when it served tapas, Café Pintxos still offers an American-style breakfast menu as well as baked goods.

I have a call in to the restaurant to discuss the changes. More as I learn it.
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