Caffeine Kills

Time reports that a man died of a caffeine overdose. Michael Lee Bedford, a 23-year-old Brit, died after eating spoonfuls of powdered caffeine at a party - the equivalent of 70 energy drinks. If he'd opted for a more traditional manner of death by caffeine intoxication, he could have consumed 100 cups of coffee.

A shocking 10-year study from FDA indicates that certified food managers reduce the rates of foodborne illness. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, food safety advocate Richard J. Arsenault of the American Association for Justice's Foodborne Illness Litigation Group, said, "If retail food establishments are serious about preventing the spread of foodborne illnesses from contaminated food, they should consider following the FDA's recommendation and employ a certified food safety manager to oversee their practices."

Will they call it Naga Jolokia? Chipotle's planning to use their business model for Asian eateries. The company issued a press release stating that they plan to open the first restaurant in 2011.

Chef Marcus Wareing, offended by a blog entry regarding a negative experience at his restaurant, the Berekley, called the bloggers and ranted for over 30 minutes. notes that Wareing is a protegee of renowned kitchen hothead Gordon Ramsey. Ramsey even served at best man at Wareing's wedding. Since then, Wareing has publicly lashed out at Ramsey. When you out-anger Ramsey, perhaps it's time for some anger management.

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