Cannibal? More Like Canni-bull!

Dec 22, 2011 at 11:00 am
And so the story that has captivated the world the nation at least one food blogger watching the clock until the holidays has come to its conclusion.

As Gut Check suspected, the Dutch television hosts who claimed to have eaten a piece of each other's flesh were in fact perpetrating a hoax to raise awareness about organ donation. Because, if you don't register as an organ donor, marauding cannibals out of The Road will scavenge your corpse for the best bits and serve them alongside a spit-roasted baby.

Or something. Gut Check isn't entirely clear on the concept.

Thanks to regular reader Mike N. for passing along word of the hoax. Your prize is waiting for you in this dark room. Just make yourself comfortable right there, next to the fava beans and the glass of Chianti.