Capitalist Pig, Soulard BBQ Joint, Defends Name and Sign Against Complaint to City

Dec 14, 2012 at 12:11 pm
click to enlarge Someone in Soulard is taking signs SUPER seriously. - Capitalist Pig
Capitalist Pig
Someone in Soulard is taking signs SUPER seriously.

Just like the sign that hangs from Capitalist Pig restaurant suggests, owner Ron Buechele started a minor revolution on his Facebook page this week when he announced that someone at the city has a big pig problem with his sign.

"Apparently Joe McCarthy has risen from the grave," he wrote. "I had a long discussion this morning with a city official who informed me that the city along with the police department, have received 'numerous' complaints from individuals who do not like our sign, or the name of our business."

He went on to say he's been summoned to City Hall to defend himself. That had fans of the barely-two-month-old restaurant rushing to the barricades. (Capitalist Pig is located inside the Mad Art Gallery.)

"You should show up in a top hat and monocle," wrote one of dozens of commenters. "Do we need to get the Cherokee street presses to crank out Soviet era prop posters in solidarity?"

Oh, yes, please!

Here's the rest of Buechele's post:

Apparently they feel as if we are in some way connected to a left wing communist faction, that intends to give the red,white and blue, a black eye. I can't make this stuff up. I now have to go to city hall to defend my sign. The timing is nothing short of predominant. Barbecue, the food of the proletariat. Hurry up and get yours, before the man shuts us down......I have some free time next week, in case any of you malcontents want to come down and stage a protest. Nobody has done that yet.

Commenters rallied in support, saying it's a First Amendment issue and offering to protest, though one lone commenter agreed with the anonymous complaints, writing, "I admit that your name does sound like you are 'connected to a left wing communist faction, that intends to give the red, white and blue, a black eye', which is why I've chosen to not support your business. I thought it was weird that a person, partaking on capitalism, would use such a name."

We'll let readers parse the logic on that one.

We caught up with Buechele this morning to find out how the meeting at City Hall went.