Chef Brian Hale Leaves Monarch for Chase Park Plaza -- New Monarch Chef Yet to be Announced

Jul 31, 2008 at 2:32 pm

A busy day on the local restaurant scene. Sauce broke the news this morning that Brian Hale has left Monarch for the Chase Park Plaza. I just got off the phone with Monarch co-owner Jeff Orbin, who confirmed the news.

Orbin wanted to clear up one rather important detail: Monarch has not named a new executive chef. The restaurant hopes to announce its selection in the coming weeks. Matt McGuire of the late King Louie's is joining the staff, as Sauce reported, but as a general manager. Orbin explains that, in that position, with his kitchen background, McGuire will be able to bring the front and back of houses closer together.

Also, as Sauce reported, the Monarch ownership team of Orbin and Aaron Teitelbaum are closing in on a deal to take over the old Balaban's space -- as Balaban's. More details on that to follow.

- Ian Froeb